Friday, February 8, 2019

The dead’s count

It's a war.
It's all a war, when there have been or still is a war around.
It’s a conflict between ally and not ally.
It’s also a feud between those who enter the field to fight even the idea of joining a war.

It’s a bitter, invisible battle among those who aspire to the succulent role of selling weapons to the most needy government and those who demand the chance to facilitate such an unjust negotiation.
It’s a bloody clash between those who face the war on the field and who decides the strategies from the famous red button room.
It’s also a war of numbers.
Of parliamentary votes that will hopefully authorize the horrible show and peace protesters, to be minimized by cutting and manipulating the public information.
It's a war, after all.
It's all a war, before and after.
From Iraq to Yemen, from Darfur to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Well, now it’s also a war between NGOs and the UN for the count of the dead...

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