Friday, January 18, 2019

Becoming males for dad

Once upon a time there were women.
But you may read daughters as well.
Courageously and affectionately sisters, if this was not enough.
Jyoti, 18 years old, and Neha, 16, did not hesitate, in Uttar Pradesh, India.
Dad is sick, he cannot go to work and get food to put on the table, that was the bitter sentence.
The two girls looked at each other, as if divided by a mirror colored with imagination that tastes revolutionary and daring as only when it is a feminine craft.
Come on, let’s go on stage, then.

They have shortened their respective hair, depriving the face of the usual hair, almost mandatory inside their current society.
Then, they opened little trunk of the costumes available and rummaging among them they have decided to change their identity for the sake of love.
So, they became boys for four years, going every day to cut beards and mustaches to the men of the village.
Now India’s government has given them an honor.
And, I hope, they lived happily ever after.

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