Friday, November 30, 2018

Violence at school and on the news

Once upon a time violent schools.
Like the teacher arrested in Milan, Italy, caught on videos shot without his knowledge making at least 42 brutal acts against the children entrusted to him.
Once upon a time who recognize the seriousness of the fact, but… we should not generalize.
Yes, no public trials, period, unless that is a courtroom.
It's right, it is.
Despite, according to the Italian National Adolescent Observatory, thanks to a survey concentrated on the 2016/2017 school year on a national sample of 8,000 teenagers aged 14 to 19, 20% of them said they had been mistreated, denigrated or even insulted by a teacher during their entire stay at school.
Because compared to 2 out of 10, there are 8 who are in the hands of people who every day carry out their fundamental work with commitment and dedication.
Otherwise, someone might feel entitled to state that all teachers are violent.
Someone else could support such a lie by manipulating real data, daily bombarding the press, social media and talk shows for the sole purpose of using teachers to specifically create a virtual enemy and generate unfounded fears in students and parents.
Well, I think is now evident where this story wants to go.
Once upon a time the immigrants...

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