Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The seller

Once upon a time a seller.
You may call him a politician.
And you might think about him as your president.
You can see him as a leader.
And you could remember him as a ruler.
You may fear him as a dangerous man.
And you can imagine him as yet another rich guy.
Maybe you considered him a liar.
Or just a crazy human being on the top.
Perhaps you loved him.
Conceivably, you’re doing it right now.
Otherwise, you’re fighting his ideas.
His visions.
And all his intentions about our common future.
However, you will make no mistakes, believing he is just a seller.
Of illusions or death.
Weapons or nightmares.
Slavery or a tragic future.
His job is the same.
He is selling something and if you are with him.
You are not an elector or a supporter.

You're not his friend.
You’re just one who’s buying from him...

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