Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trevor Noah Trump and Freddy Krueger

Trevor Noah: Trump endorsed 'the Freddy Krueger of human rights'…

Once upon a time a nightmare on world streets.
Where you must wake up from a real horror movie.
We should all be awake, so.
Endlessly, indeed.
Everywhere we live.
We can’t just sleep, thinking everything’s gonna be alright, then.
Because the world leader, the America great again maker, has a new friend, now.
Because they were made to.
They speak the same language.
They sell the same stuff.
They want the same thing.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Stories to think about girls

She’s fool.
That is what the majority of people believe, at a very first look.
They may finish there, lots of them, because this is the trendiest way, currently, in the reign of digital quickness.
A glimpse is just enough to choose one's fate and more too.
Then someone comes near the motionless woman who has long since been undefined, focused as vague, captured by something incomprehensible with a fast eye, as many used to say.
The boldest one tries to get her consideration calling her name, but it's all inadequate…

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