Thursday, April 26, 2018

Stories to think about life: the creature

"The effort was in vain and it’s at that point that my anguish has reached unimaginable heights.
"The creature seemed to take advantage of my incoming energy.
"As if it benefited from every attempt of mine to resist.
"As if it were completely the my body’s owner.
"I wanted to hate it with all of myself, but I couldn’t do it, noting that every feeling that might somehow reject it was banished.
"In my life I have had lots of experiences, I have overcome difficulties and sufferings, I have grown in many ways and I have learned a lot.
"I have read much and traveled far and wide.
"I consider myself a conscious and strong adult.
"Nevertheless, nothing I had from mine had prepared me for such a panic...

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Moral stories about peace and excuses

We hope for your mercy for all the conflicts provoked and in time fed.
Among other things, together with our colleagues, we take this opportunity to promise you to stop once and for all with war movies, especially the patriotic and heroic ones.
Sorry about that…
Sorry for not only bringing death and destruction into the lives of others, but also showing the ignoble brazenness of telling the posterity that we were the good guys.
Following this unexpected, extraordinary example, France and Spain, Germany and, among the many, Italy as well, will go on.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stories to think about internet in the future

"Good morning, sir, all right with the product?"
"All right, yes, nonetheless, here... there's a problem... but it's not your fault. In short, the star's face works, but jars with the voice, do you understand me? "
"More than anything, I hear it."
"Excuse me, I don’t want to offend, but you speak as if someone were squeezing your..."
"No, you’re right, as a child I was very teased, you don’t know how much. Anyway, can you help me?"
"I'm made to help you," she says with shining eyes for the high resolution on time. "Do you prefer the warm voice of a theatrical actor, the Greek speaker in full orgasmic monologue, or that of the strong commander speaking to his armies before the final battle?"
"I don’t know…"
"Do we make a mix again? Do I wrap it? "
"Okay, I take it."

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Moral stories about Syria

From the beginning of the world, this is the most feared event by the defenders of pyramidal architecture, other than revolution and resistance.
That is, everyone is able to understand everything, in the first place what decides the common horizon.
Nonetheless, you write the question down and start to read it.
In your mind too, if you don’t want to be heard.
Even a piece at a time, if you wish to avoid suspicions into the professional senders to sleep.
Why are there chemical weapons in Syria?

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stories to think about cellular addiction

"He violated it..." people around murmur in a chorus, almost chanting, gradually approach to gain definition for the unexpected image. "The sacred rule... he violated it..."
"Like everyone, you know perfectly that outside no one can look up from their phone."
"Of course," she tries to explain, "I know it well, I know the sacred rule, but my child..."
"Of course," the city clerk interrupts her again, "now you’ll bring out the usual story of the little kid, who is young and innocent, poor him... but did you see what these budding offenders used to upload today?"
Suddenly the audience marks with a common negative thumb the woman’s answer.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Moral stories about cold war today

In the rhetorical game of roles, USA was the savior and Russia the aggressor, the former the powerful ally and the latter the others friend, and then add also West and East, We and Them, and other semantical tricks to fill eyes and ears, generation after generation, of apparently impotent readers.
The fable was ever told from parents to children, as if it were inevitable, as if it were the world’s story itself, as if the world wrote it on its own.
As if, in short, none of the actors were accountable for the monotonous plot.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Stories to think about social media

What's up now?
What’s this air?
Well... I think it's the window in the kitchen...
It's open?!
Yes, you did it when we finished dinner. For the fried, you said...
Of course I said it, but it was half an hour ago, I told you that night has come!
All right, but could not you do it?
I just turned on the laptop...
Of course, I’ll do it.
Go, close, close for good, and pull the damper down, right to the bottom.
Because there's a new neighbor, that's why, right in front of us, a guy with a dark beard and a dark face too.
Seriously, close everything.
I run.

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