Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Stories to think about a sinking ship

Once upon a time there was a news.
A news as many.
Really, nothing extraordinary.
Poor her, poor them.
Living between those words.
Maybe forever.
Because their history is all there, for those who are too much hurry to look down.
Read as well as ‘where the valuable life’s scraps end up’.
The news as many, nothing exceptional, poor her, poor them, concerned a handful of human beings’ fate.
A handful, yes.
Yes, human beings.
Because the miniscule lives, although grouped by love or bad luck, are squeezable in the palm of your hand without any effort.
They are small.
Or, perhaps, your hand is too large.
Nevertheless, even in the eventualities of the world strictly in the footer of noble creation, ambitions are blooming.

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