Thursday, March 8, 2018

Stories to think about listening

So I went to dad.
And how was it?
Worse! He didn’t even let me breathe. He began to rant about my boyfriend, he wanted to punch him, his father, the whole family, his classmates and even Uncle Frank, mother's brother, because he never makes his business. But what does Uncle Frank have to do with it? Does it have anything to do?
It doesn’t…
Yes right. So, sign of evident despair, I knocked on Mike's room.
Your brother?
Who else? I only have one... but you listen to me, at least you?
I'm here, Joan...
I see it, I see it. Then, I asked him to turn down the music, and I told him if he had a moment for me. He didn’t say a word, I took it for a yes and I sat on the edge of his bed, while he was staring at me disgusted as if I were dunging his sacred kingdom...

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