Monday, March 5, 2018

Moral stories: First World War Centenary

Finding the perfect farce in the misleading alliance.
Die as heroes, die for your homeland, die with honor and so on praising.
Until the end of the show.
Again for a single decease.
The death of the magician.
Some say he was the time, surely, some even say that the magician was a masked time.
But if he was the time, well… time really never dies.
A second later, a day after, a month, even a year… look, go ahead and take one hundred years, time back from nowhere and everything starts again.
Like magic.
Of a magician.
There are some convinced that time is a magician, particularly skilled and mocking one.
So cheeky to grasp a repeatedly exposed word over a century for what it is and always will be.

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