Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Moral stories of girls

Once upon a time there was a girl.
A dreamer girl.
One of those stubborn.
With masochistic dedication to gamble everything on the ending surprise.
A twist, the virtuosity of the script or just a clumsy deus ex machina, the crucial turning point.
The unexpected turn, that becomes grimace on the face of cynical pro grumblers.
Wishing to claim: ”Improbable stories and plays were fine. The outbreaks of possibilities really survived the utopia’s storm. The one that may convince you that all was just a utopia. So we were right. Then...”

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Stories to think about modern democratic elections

I vote for those ones because they are younger.
Are you kidding? I vote for them because they are more experienced.
I vote for the others because he is one of… the latter, so we avoid confusion.
I vote for her, it doesn't matter who she is with.
I have always voted for them, this time I try those ones.
And so on, by voting.
We are in democracy, then, I vote, you vote, we vote...
Nonetheless, where you vote, or not, democracy isn't just that, because according to our underrated fortune it’s much more...

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Stories to think about gun control

Once upon a time there was a forest.
It was called the forest of the seven.
Because seven men lived in the woods.
Not one less, not one more.
In the forest where seven men lived, not one less, not one more, running was the only activity.
There was no other hobby.
There were no soccer, rugby and basket balls.
Even no tennis racquets, which might have been useless.
Because there were no balls to hit.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stories to think about internet and social networks

Sir, I am pleased about your approval, but I would need your name...
Do you know that I was also interviewed on TV? Last year I was your most loyal customer. That was easy, my Wi-Fi never stops.
My sincere compliments, sir, but without your data, starting with the name, I cannot...
Of course, as soon as the phenomenon started to show up in a devastating way, I immediately consulted a shrink, or a mind doctor, as I like to say.
Good choice, sir, and how did it go?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Stories to think about war in Syria

Two days of an aggression defined by Amnesty International a fragrant war crime accomplished on an epic scale.
Despite yet another chapter of a massacre called war, it seems not affecting the leaders and many of the major press of the most influential and accountable nations in the world.
When they talk about you...

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Stories to think about virus today: video with English subtitles

What is a virus today?

Viruses are social networks, no one feels excluded, that is banned. They poison us of mediocrity by literally forcing us to make copies of ourselves, all the same, all differently idiotic, not to make us discover others, to the detriment of the user who has nothing, used by everyone except the now former owner of his identity.
They are the hackers of our own life and with our caricatures loaded on the shoulders we serve the great friend of anyone by offering a huge like as a gift to the virtual world that is getting bigger and smaller at the same time...

Stories to think about: what we learned

What showed us the tale of genocides from movies and medals and those to be censored until death, that is, until the total disappearance of uncomfortable victims.
What was left in us, where we finally realized that it was not the so called Indians, the evil ones, and that absolute good doesn’t exist, except in the fear of those who watch and look for heroes...

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Stories to think about: Not for sale

They are recognizable by a light skin, of delicate features, neat hair, as well as personal care and hygiene. They have common roots and traditions, sharing festivities and culture, moral principles and ethical values. They live in peace, in the tolerance of others lifestyle. Males respect women and would never dare to hurt them. The percentage of criminality among the citizens of this side of the planet is very low, tending to zero, and they’re inclined to help each other, showing solidarity towards the poorest and most unfortunate people. They also have high regard for the State and public places, they don’t dirty the streets and sidewalks, helping the old women to cross and when they walk with the dog they promptly collect the shi...

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Stories to think about fascism in Italy today

Trying to kill helpless people on the street qualifies us as murderers.Basing our conception of the neighbor simply for what has been read several times on a social network defines us as ignorant gullible.
Shooting unarmed people means behaving like cowards.
Venting our hatred on the first guy just met is the consequence of being full of dull anger, nothing else, never an affection for the country.
Cultivating the obsession of having at all costs an enemy which to defend from day and night it’s called paranoia.
I could go on and on.
It’s enough to recall, finally, that sustaining, or even tolerating, individuals of this kind makes us equally guilty, that is, murderers, cowards, paranoids.
Not fascists...

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Stories to think about love: alone

Exactly, John, in fact... me too...
Please, don’t say it, I know that you are a hologram, but right now I need to believe the opposite...
Yeah, why, Johnny honey?
Because I'm afraid that an antivirus won't be enough to get rid of her…
Because she's not a program, right?
Of course I'm not, silly doctor. Unless I haven’t got any clue so far, and then I wonder who remained in my body...
Doctor... so?
I'm sorry, John, but you've been infected by the worst virus in the history of the universe.
What would it be?
A human being.
You just can’t avoid to be rude, right, Johnny honey?
Don’t call me that!

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Stories to think about diversity: alone among the similar

No neighbors-afraid has ever crossed to the secret and coveted goal.
You could save money, gifts and dreams.
You could exchange them all at once for the coveted mask that finally confuses you among the many.
You could even throw yourself into the desperate task of sewing it yourself, like a kind of invisibility tattoo.
Running the risk of earning at most a shred of resemblance with the much overvalued majority...

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Stories to think about S P A M

Third announcing messages sound.
This is a persecution…
You know the hoax I was speaking of, the caregiver in Ukraine?
Well, I just got a message that informs me of the now expired legal terms to get the due money. These guys have got fantasy, don’t you think? They could use it to write stories, instead of breaking the balls to us. Enough, I got annoyed, I delete everything as usual.
Multiple elimination sound.

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