Thursday, January 25, 2018

Stories to think about: without words

In the future, hopefully far...

“I'm sorry, Mary, but there seems to be a serious problem, here, and it's not just about us. Apparently some kind of virus has infected the global system and the transmission of images and videos is suspended, as well as the audio files.”
“What should I do now? Is it possible that I cannot let my parents know I'm waiting for a baby?”
“Come on, Mary, don’t cry like that...”
“Yes, Mommy, don’t cry, please...”
“You make it easy, you! I already know that my mother will weigh this forever, a year at least. I’m already hearing her: I was the last one to see my nephew’s ultrasound. She will repeat that eternally to relatives and acquaintances...”
“Don’t exaggerate…”
“I’m not the exaggerated one, here, she is.”
“What does it mean that grandma is exaggerated, Mommy?”
“Lisa, stop it, please…”
“She said that her grandmother is a little apprehensive, honey, like Mommy too.”
“Could you avoid talking about me as if I weren’t here?”

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