Thursday, September 27, 2018

Talking to an intolerant Troll

Once upon a time an intolerant Troll.
Which we could also call inTrollerant, or in-Troll-errant, because they used to go around, they live, like John Carpenter’s movie, they are among us, but they make noise only in a crowd or anonymously.
So, I fly high and start saying that the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (in short UNCTAD)...
Who give a F. of the United Nations? Stop with this globalism, cut the funds!
...the financial crisis has caused the exponential increase of household debt in the poorest areas of the developing countries...
So, if you're poor, don't make the debts, right? Who is the cause of his problems... what’s the saying?
...and this made the inhabitants defenseless before Donald Trump’s war against all the states he considered as enemies...
Trump is doing good, he’s making America great again, back to your country!
...with a slowing down of general growth...
That’s fine, do you really want to grow up more? How many children you should have? You want to erase us, this is the truth!
In fact, since 2008, the aforementioned global debt has risen from 142 to 250 trillion (billions of billions) dollars, which is three times the total income of each nation.
Summarizing, the unquestionable numbers say that the crisis created by the scams of the big financial groups, with the complicity of corrupt politicians, has impoverished the world and made further enrich the opulent minority, sweeping away the middle class people. Then, what the latter do? Instead of using the vote and every other instrument of active citizenship, to face those who have stolen and continue to do so, they choose as a remedy for the damage suffered to attack those who are poorer than them…

Troll leaves the forum.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The seller

Once upon a time a seller.
You may call him a politician.
And you might think about him as your president.
You can see him as a leader.
And you could remember him as a ruler.
You may fear him as a dangerous man.
And you can imagine him as yet another rich guy.
Maybe you considered him a liar.
Or just a crazy human being on the top.
Perhaps you loved him.
Conceivably, you’re doing it right now.
Otherwise, you’re fighting his ideas.
His visions.
And all his intentions about our common future.
However, you will make no mistakes, believing he is just a seller.
Of illusions or death.
Weapons or nightmares.
Slavery or a tragic future.
His job is the same.
He is selling something and if you are with him.
You are not an elector or a supporter.

You're not his friend.
You’re just one who’s buying from him...

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

The story of the border

Once upon a time there was a planet of shapes and colors.
Of existences and survivals.
Of perpetually traveling, only apparently motionless creatures, in a collective dance between departures and returns.
There were once also peoples in war, trapped in an ancient conflict like the world itself.
Among those who in every age, brick by brick, raise walls to divide, and those who, as the indignation and the conscience become stronger each other, they commit to throw them down.
So, since the dawn of time, the story goes on in its absurd game.
You build a wall, I knock it down, you withdraw it and I take it down again.
Up and down, down and up.
Until it is understood that there is only one way to put an end to this absurdity.
Deleting, once and for all, that crazy line which the first damned stone was placed one day on.
In short, the border

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