Stories to think about Trump and shithole countries

So, let’s jump to the modern era, to the well-known copper and porcelain shitholes, more or less decorated, according to taste.
Flavors that led, for example, to do your personal job outdoors, to fertilize the soil, see Denmark.
In the sixteenth century, instead, the underground shitholes spread, always outside the houses and still to satisfy the need to help agriculture.
Nonetheless, let us now come to the first examples of modern shitholes, the cups with relative flush.
They come from the genius mind of Scottish Alexander Cumming in 1775 for design, and three years later for the realization to English Joseph Bramah, the latter considered one of the fathers of hydraulic engineering...

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Stories with morals, to think about (stories inspired by true events from Stories and News - Network) by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, italian author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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